Greetings. we will spend the next several emails working on moving the body in Tai Chi. Let me know what you think.

Bow and Sit
One of the most beautiful and energetic aspects of Tai Chi practice is what is known as the Bow and Sit or the Bow and Arrow Stance. It is the way we move our body back and forth, from one foot to another. Beginning classes start with learning this fundamental in lesson 1 or 2. I would like to suggest an image that might bring it in more harmony with the Tai Chi principles.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan should be slow, steady, soft, round, and be composed of circles. The Tai Chi symbol is just that. So when practicing the Bow and Sit stance add this element to it. Usually the body is moved from front to back, and followed with back to front. If we think of the body as a train, it moves from New York to Washington and stops at the station. It then backs up and goes back to New York. Straight forward. Stop. Straight back. Stop. What I suggest is that at the end of the back to front, for instance, make a very soft ellipse like curve to continue the move from front to back, then another soft curve at the other end. It is more internal than external, meaning that someone viewing this pattern should not see the body go up and down. Stay on the same horizontal plane but round the front and back. Combine it with your breath work, rounding its edges also. Then you will have more enjoyment and build more energy.