Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #412
Balloon Breathing Qigong
Breath is the source of life. The more we breathe, the more we are alive. Here is a simple, yet powerful exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. If you can’t do the whole exercise, you will gain by doing any part of it. Just do it.
Stand, sit, or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes (after reading through this whole explanation). We will start at the bottom of the body, but can also be done starting at the top, or one can just pick out certain areas.
Using your imagination, place balloons in both ankles. Taking slow, even breaths, fill the balloons on the inhale. On the exhale, slowly empty the balloons. The breath should be even, meaning that the inhale and exhale should be the same length, say to the count of four.
Next place the balloons in your knees and repeat. Then your hip joints.
Next upper body. Wrists, elbows, shoulders.
Then the three dantiens; belly, heart, and head.
You can stop and enjoy the feeling at this point or you can put balloons in all these places at the same time and blow them all up together.
This exercise should take as little as ten minutes or up to twenty or so. It will open and energize the joints and harmonize the body. Enjoy.