Greetings. Congratulations. We have just completed our first month of daily tips. I’m not slowing down yet, and I hope you continue enjoying this sharing. I welcome all your comments and questions.

Atmospheric pressure
The earth is a huge yin/yang machine. We can use this knowledge to play with and enjoy our Tai Chi practice even more. Let me give you an example.Recently in my home town, we experienced very cold, clear weather with no wind. When I usually light my wood stove, it fires right up. But this last week, it takes much effort to get it going. It occurred to me last night that it is only mother nature playing around with the Tai Chi principles.

Atmospheric pressure is caused by heavier air from above pressing down on the lighter air below.The stove will not draw because of the pressure from above. When it is stormy and windy, that means low pressure, so the stove lights right up. The heavy air, my stove’s heat and smoke, is being pulled upward to balance the lighter air above. Nature always wants balance.

Playing push hands in Tai Chi Chuan is like playing with and experiencing mother nature. When I am faced with a very strong ( yang, high pressure), I remain back, settled on my rear leg (yin, low pressure). I wait for his strength to dissipate by his trying to over extend his area of control. I then sneak around or under or above, and as he starts to retreat, I add a small amount of energy, and off he goes.

The main lesson is not to face strength with strength. If he is strong and I invite him in, generally he will follow until he has overextended and is then easily overcome with little energy expenditure on my part.

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