Archive Training Tips

Greetings Friends,

I feel so good at the moment. Since the new web site is up, I have learned how to post the old Training Tips, so they will all be available to people who are just joining us now. Before this upgrade, people had no way to see the Tips that were posted previously. There are around 200 Tips so far, since I started at the end of 2015. Every Monday! It has been fun, and also a challenge to keep them coming.

Putting the old Tips up requires me to go to a special file where I have kept the old Tips, copy them, then post them to the new web site. It takes a few minutes for each one. But the most fun has been to re-read them all as I copy them. I can modestly admit there are some truly valuable pieces of advice. The subjects are far ranging, and are not strictly limited to Tai Chi and Chi Kung, but all relate to personal growth and self awareness.

So when you go to and click on Training Tips, they are there with the newest appearing first, and the Tips are titled and include the date they first appeared. I hope you continue to enjoy them, share them with friends, and feel free to contact me with any question or comment. My plan is to continue this for as long as I can. I still have plenty to share. Enjoy.