Greetings. I hope you enjoy this short version of the story of one of our instructors at The Gilman Studio. He is my partner in the Yang Style Tai Chi Applications Videos on YouTube. Check them out.

 An inspiring Story
In the year 2000, I was starting some new Tai Chi classes, and a nice looking, tall, older fellow (65 at at the time) showed up. As the class progressed, I realized he had talent, was enthusiastic, and was a good addition to the class. He learned quickly and I had great hopes for his continued involvement.

He, at one point, shared he had had a lower back spinal fusion, due to an injury he suffered while playing basketball in college. He also had knee problems, which resulted in surgery right before he started classes. So here was a generally healthy guy with several structural problems. He had read that Tai Chi might be of some help to keep him in shape without stressing his over use injuries.

Now we fast forward to 2016. John Considine is a very popular Tai Chi instructor here in Port Townsend, specializing in what he calls “Senior Tai Chi”. He has been teaching this class for several years and it remains one of the most popular at our Studio. He is now 81and going strong, helping other people work through their issues, and he does it with a wonderful sense of humor.

So, the point is, it is never too late to start your studies, and you can, if the mood strikes you, help others along the path. I have no doubt that John will be teaching for years to come, with his love of people and his openness of heart.

Best Wishes,