Greetings. Snow this week. Our local weather can’t quite make up it’s mind. The Olympic Mountains, off in the distance to the west, are truly beautiful as the early morning sun reflects off all the snow. Be well.

Stress is not always a negative thing. All exercise causes stress to the body. The result of our body’s response to this stress is generally what we are seeking by doing exercise. Exercise is an intelligent approach to using this stress response to accomplish specific goals. If you want to build muscles, you might lift weights. Because lifting weights causes the muscles to adapt to this weight by growing larger. If you want to play the piano, you must practice scales and do other exercises to build the muscles in the fingers to cope with this added stress. In Tai Chi, we use a squatting posture to build strength in the legs.

We must use an intelligent approach to the correct amount of stress in our bodies. If we lift too much, we could tear the muscle (strain) or pull connecting tissue (sprain). So don’t be afraid of stress. It could be your good friend. Just be mindful, go slowly, be clear about your goals for your practice, and Tai Chi will serve you well.

Best Wishes,