This is a short, two-person form that can be practiced as a solo form.

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It explains the basic principles of the Tai Chi Saber or Dao. I hope you enjoy this class as well as the other classes I offer at this site. There will soon be a reference video to compliment this class. Please check the On-Line Store for products to help your study and practice of this form and other Tai Chi activities.

This class is divided into five sections – Applications, A-side solo, B-side solo, transitions, and finally the whole form with partner.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Applications A-Side

Lesson 3: Salute The Partner

Lesson 4: Chop To The Neck

Lesson 4a: End of Chop to the Neck (Withdraw the Knife)

Lesson 5: Retreat And Guard Left

Lesson 6: Retreat And Deflect

Lesson 7: Thrust To The Ribs

Lesson 8: Poke To The Neck

Lesson 9: Withdraw The Wrist

Lesson 10: Push Vertical Knife

Lesson 11: Ride Tiger And Cut Wrist (End Of Side A) B-Side

Lesson 12: Salute The Partner & Turn and Chop Wrist

Lesson 13: Pull Level Knife

Lesson 14: Thrust Knife

Lesson 15: Side Step

Lesson 16: Spiral To The Right

Lesson 17: Chop To The Wrist

Lesson 18: Cut To The Neck

Lesson 19: Slice The Knee (End Of Side B)

Transitions and Complete Form 

Lesson 20: Transition: From A side To B side

Lesson 21: Transition: From B side To A side

Lesson 22: The Whole Form (Be patient when opening. There are many pictures so it will take a while to download.)



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