Spring/Summer 2021

Expert Instruction in Tai Chi and Chi Kung

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Fees: No fees at this time.

Important Class Information:  Until further notice. Starting June 2, we will be studying the 54 movement form in great detail. Perfect for new students or advanced. Just show up at Chetzemoka Park after June 2 – sooner rather than later. No fees.

Dear Fellow Tai Chi Enthusiast,

Due to the threat to our community, Heather has decided to cancel group classes at the studio. I certainly understand her concern for our safety. I am so sorry, but the situation demands being ultra careful. So all our classes at the studio are cancelled until further notice.

That said, I have decided to offer Tai Chi in the Chetzemoka Park four days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM to 11 or so, and Saturday from 9 to 11 as usual. All levels welcome. There will not be a monthly fee until we are back in the studio, hopefully sooner than later.

Exercise, relaxation, fresh air, and the feeling of being in control are so important during this period. Our love and best wishes are flowing from our staff to you. Take care.

Please check back in for further information or call 360 385-5027.

The schedule below is typical of our studio class schedule. Not valid at this time.



Time Class Instructor
8 – 9 AM Morning Exercises – All wecome 
Michael Gilman
9:15 – 10:15 AM Senior Tai Chi
Short Form – 34 Moves. New Students Welcome
John Considine


Time Class Instructor


5:30 – 7:00 PM


New Beginning 108 Tai Chi 


Susan Leinbach


Time Class Instructor
8 – 9 AM Open the Gates Qigong – Open to all students Michael Gilman
9 – 10 AM Advanced Tai Chi 108.  Michael Gilman
10:15 – 11:15 AM

Short Form (New students welcome)


John Considine


Time Class

5:00 – 6:30 PM

2nd Section Tai Chi Long Form 

    Instructor- Stephanie Morrell 


Time Class Instructor
8 – 9 AM Morning Exercises – All Welcome
“Circling Chi”
Michael Gilman
9 – 10 AM


Tai Chi – Advanced 108


Michael Gilman




Time Class Instructor
9 – 11 AM Saturday in the Park. 
Drop in Free – All Welcome
Michael Gilman
1 – 4 PM

Special Practices Workshop – First Saturday of each month

 Next : March 14 – Tai Chi Sword

Workshop held at the Studio – 913 L St , Port Townsend  $30 Fee



Michael Gilman


No Classes