Spring 2019 – April Through July 2019

Expert Instruction in Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Our morning class is a great way to get the day started right!

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Class fees: In 2019, there is only one fee for unlimited classes at the studio – $75 per month, or a special discount for couples – $50 per person. This enables a student to attend as many as 12 classes a week for the same fee, making a class as low as $1.50! Drop in fees are $20 per class. First class is always free. You may sign up at the Studio.

Saturday in the Park is always free to anyone.

All classes take place at Dancing Sky Studio (formerly The Gilman Studio), except for Saturday in the Park, which takes place at Chetzemoka Park.

Schedule :
New Senior Tai Chi beginning classes start in June. The rest of the schedule remains current.


Time Class Instructor
8 – 9 AM Morning Exercises – All wecome 
Michael Gilman
9:15 – 10:15 AM Senior Tai Chi
Short Form – 34 Moves
John Considine


Time Class Instructor
5:30 – 7:00 PM

Continuing Tai Chi 108

(New Beginning Starts Sept.)

Susan Leinbach


Time Class Instructor
8 – 9 AM Morning Exercises – All welcome
“Open the Gates”
Michael Gilman
9 – 10 AM Advanced Tai Chi 108 Michael Gilman
10:15 – 11:45 AM

Short Form (New students welcome) Starts June 5


John Considine


Time Class Instructor

5:30  – 6:30 PM           

                      Second Section 108 – Starts June 6

Stephanie Morrell and Susan Leinbach



Time Class Instructor
8 – 9 AM Morning Exercises – All Welcome
“Circling Chi”
Michael Gilman
9 – 10 AM

Tai Chi Applications for 108

(Partner Form Starts September)

Michael Gilman




Time Class Instructor
9 – 11 AM Saturday in the Park
Drop in Free – All Welcome
Michael Gilman
1 – 4 PM

Special Practices Workshop – First Saturday of each month

June 1 – Push Hands for Form Impovement

Workshop held at the Studio – 913 L St , Port Townsend  $30 Fee



Michael Gilman


No Classes