Course Overview

The course for the 108 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan curriculum is divided into three sections (see Curriculum & Class Materials) and includes basic principles, movements, applications, history, philosophy, Chi Kung practices, and required reading for each section. A progress-tracking sheet will be kept by the faculty and will be available for student review upon request. The student will study the curriculum at his or her own pace and will complete one section before beginning the next.

The following resources are available to the student and recommended for completion of each section:

  • A personal introductory session with the Director, either on an individual basis or in a quarterly introductory workshop.
  • A complete set of instructional videotapes or DVD’s (see Curriculum & Class Materials for details , pricing and purchasing options)
  • A written manual, on-line classes, and a detailed CD which contains both the manual & on-line classes in an easy to use computer format (see Curriculum & Class Materials for details , pricing and purchasing options)
  • Unlimited classes at the Gilman studio in the normal teaching schedule of any of the Gilman Studio teachers
  • Periodic workshops on subjects supportive of the curriculum.
  • Private instruction with the Director or faculty
  • Evaluation by the Director at the completion of each section
  • A final certification review