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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement #38 – Conclusion Of Tai Chi Saber

This is a special time in any form – the last movement. All the activity comes to a close, and the energy returns to the center to be stored for later use. Saber Form generates a lot of energy is very aerobic when done properly. Following this movement I will have a few final words to let you know what is next. Here, the energy is circled around in the belly and returned to the lower Dan Tien.


The two hands are going to make a large counterclockwise circle in front of the body and the chi in the Dan Tien will be doing the same thing.

Start to shift the weight onto the right foot. The torso turns a bit to the right. At this moment it faces north.

The two hands (the right hand is holding the saber and the left hand is placed on top of it) circle in front counterclockwise. At this moment they are at the top of the circle in front of the neck.

Focus on the energy in the belly circling counterclockwise.






The weight is shifted to the right foot, the torso turns right until the nose points to the right knee and the hands continue the circle. At this moment they are down near the right hip. The two hands are still joined.

Focus on the chi circling in the belly.








This is the time to align the stance. If the right foot is not parallel to the left, pick it up and replace it so that it is in the proper position, as the weight is shifted to the left foot. Here I have rolled up the right foot onto the toe so I can replace it slightly inward.

The two hands continue the circle and are now by the left hip.

Focus on the energy circling in the belly.






This is the end of the replace of the right foot to shoulder width and parallel to the left foot. The torso faces just slightly to the left of north.

Focus on the energy in the belly.









The belly energy continues as the right hand continues the circle. The left saber hand stays by the left hip, relaxed.










The end of the form. The right hand finishes the circle and ends by the right side of the body, relaxed. Stand up. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of all the energy moving throughout the body. Take a moment to let the breath return to normal. Give thanks to your Tai Chi ancestors who made up this great saber form.


Please go to the next lesson for some final words.






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