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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement #35 – Press Forward Diagonally

This is a repeat of the Press following Fair Lady earlier in the form. The opponent pokes towards my center. I neutralize it to my left, and step in for a solid press across her chest.


Stephie pokes my center.










1) I join, stick, and lead her saber to my left.

2) I step in and press my saber across her chest.









Shift the weight straight back onto the right foot, and pull in the left foot onto empty stance on toe. Everything faces halfway between north and east.

The saber blade pulls down and in towards the body using the flat of the blade. This pull is slightly to the left so the opponent’s saber will move to your left.

The left hand moves to the rear of the center of the blade to give stability for the neutralize movement. The saber blade is parallel to the ground at waist level.

Focus on the under side of the blade for joining, sticking, and leading.






Step forward with the left foot so the toe faces halfway between north and east. Shift the weight right onto this foot. This can be a lunging type movement with the body. It is fast and strong.

Keeping the hands in the same position on the saber, press up and out. The saber ends diagonally across the upper body with the arms extended out as far as possible without locking the elbows.

Focus on the cutting edge of the saber.





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