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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 34 – Fair Lady Works At Shuttles

This is a repeat of the previous Shuttles movements. The opponent slashes towards my neck. I block with my saber blade and cut down on her shoulder.


1) Stephie slashes toward my neck. I block with the flat side of my blade.

2) I step in and grab her saber hand.









I cut down on her shoulder.











There are no foot movements. The torso turns to the left swinging up the saber. The right saber hand moves counterclockwise up to end slightly above the left side of the face. The left hand moves to touch the wrist or forearm to give stability.

Focus on the side of the blade for blocking.






Stepping in and grabbing the saber hand of the opponent.

Step out with the left foot, touching the heel. The toe faces halfway between north and east. Sink into the right Kua to gather energy for the coming cut.

The saber continues to circle around the body to gain momentum. The left hand moves up and out to the left, as if to grab, ending about head level on the left.

Focus on grabbing the opponent’s hand.





The cut.

Shift the weight onto the let foot and turn the torso until the body, knee and toe all faces halfway between north and east.

The saber cuts down. The right hand ends about waist level, slightly in front of the body. The left hand remains in the same place it was when it grabbed. You actually moved the body toward the stationary left hand.

Focus on the cutting edge of the saber.





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