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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 31 – Retreat And Parry To The Left

   This is a simple movement; similar to many you have already learned. The opponent pokes toward my center. I retreat, join, stick, and lead her saber to the left.


1)       The opponent pokes towards my center.

2)       I retreat and neutralize her saber to my left. Notice that my saber is inside hers, so I can attack her easily at this point.








I am starting my retreat.

As the body starts to shift backward, the saber moves from a horizontal to a vertical as it circles. The right wrist is making a clockwise circle to make this happen. There are no foot movements.







I have neutralized.

The weight is shifted back onto the left foot. The right foot has rolled up onto the toe. The torso has turned until it faces the left knee. Keep the weight down. The right toe faces east, and the left toe faces halfway between east and north.

The saber is going to contact the opponent’s saber with the flat, outside of the blade. The right hand must twist so you look at the fingers to get the correct angle. Have someone poke you and try this movement. It is easy once you get the idea of joining, sticking, and leading the opponent to the left. Remember that it is the torso that makes this, and all movements, sensitive as well as strong. If you use just your hands and arms, you will lose sensitivity through tension.





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