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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 28 – Golden Pheasant Strikes Forward

This movement is exactly the same as movement # 18. The opponent pokes to my center. I neutralize it back and to my left and quickly follow with a poke to her face.


The opponent pokes to my center.










1) I join, stick and lead the opponent’s saber to the left, opening her center.

2) I poke to her face.









I neutralize back.

Shift the weight back onto the left foot and pull in the right toe to empty step. The torso turns slightly to the left.

The saber is drawn into the center in front of the belly button. The saber rotates clockwise until the cutting edge faces up. Keep the saber parallel to the ground. Be sure the point faces the opponent.

The left hand moves in so the palm faces the pommel.

Focus on the outside of the saber blade for joining, sticking, and leading. Also, be aware of sinking deeply into the left Kua so you store energy there for the coming release.





I poke the opponent.

The right knee is lifted until the upper leg is parallel to the ground. In actual usage, the right foot might rest on the left leg, or even slightly to the rear, so the body can incline or stretch further forward for the poke. The body continues to face halfway between north and east.

As the knee is lifted, the saber rotates and thrusts forward to end up coming straight out of the shoulder. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed. The saber points in the same direction that the body is headed.

As the saber thrusts outward, the left palm presses back and out. This counterbalances the tendency to poke too far forward and lose root.

Focus on the point of the saber. Remember that the energy for the thrust comes from the stored energy in the left Kua.





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