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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement #25 – Right Foot Kick With Sole

The opponent attempts to kick my groin with her toe. I retreat and slap her toe down. I follow with a kick to her mid-section using a thrust kick with the sole of the foot. I have seen this slap down technique work in combat situations.


Stephie kicks towards my groin with her toe.










1) I sink back and slap her foot with my hand.

2) I follow with a thrust kick to the opponent’s mid-section.








I get away from the kick and slap down the opponent’s foot.

Shift the weight straight back onto the left leg and pull in the right foot to Ding Bow on Toe (empty step with toe).

As the weight shifts back, the right hand slaps down to end in front of the crotch with the palm down. The saber hand stays up.

Focus on the right palm.





Transition into the kick.

Lift up the right leg. The knee should be at waist level. Keep the weight sinking on the left leg.

The right hand comes up to center of the chest level in front of the left hand. It is actually making a movement from the lower level to fully open in one expanding Peng like movement.

Focus on the drawing the leg up.





Kick half complete.

The right leg starts to kick out. This is a thrust kick, which means the heel, or sole of the foot is pushed outward and mostly downward. Keep the weight down. Actually, as the energy moves into the right foot for the kick, an equal energy moves into the left leg to root and ground the kick.

The two hands separate to end a bit wider than the shoulders with the palm facing outward. Keep the elbows and shoulders relaxed.

Focus on the two legs.





The kick is complete.

Extend the right leg out, pressing out with the heel. This is the end of the kick and the leg is then immediately brought back, close in to the body for balance and possible other uses. Keep some flex in the left leg.

The two arms remain open.

Focus on the right heel.






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