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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 22 – Right Foot Kick With Toe

We continue with movements from the Long Form that use the bare hand and saber pommel for close infighting. The opponent punches towards my face with her right fist. I neutralize it to the right, circle her arm to off balance her, and then kick her lower body with my right toe.


1) If I don’t do anything, Stephie lands a punch to my face.

2) Instead, I move my face slightly to the left and join her wrist with my right hand.








1) I circle her arm down and around.

2) I open her center and deliver a toe kick.









I join with her wrist in order to neutralize.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and as you do turn the torso to face the right knee.

The hands rise up the front of the body and separate at the upper chest level. The right palm faces outward. This is similar to Cross Hands in the Long Form.

Focus on the right hand for joining.





The hands start to close.

Start to shift the weight back onto the left foot and turn the torso back to the left.

The two arms circle outward and down, as if squeezing something.

Focus on the right hand for sticking and leading.







The leading continues.

The weight is completely shifted onto the left foot and the torso has turned to face the direction the left toe is headed (halfway between north and west).

The two arms cross with the left hand slightly in front of the right. In the application there would be a bit of separation between the two wrists. The wrists are in front of the lower Dantien.

Focus on the right wrist for sticking and leading.






I start to open the opponent for the kick.

Roll up the right foot onto the toe, sinking deeper into the left Kua. Gaze to the right.

The crossed wrists rise up the center of the body and start to open when they get to the upper chest level. The palms start to open outward. Keep the shoulders and elbows relaxed.

Focus on the right hand for sticking and leading and notice where the opponent is vulnerable.





Starting the kick.

Lift up the right leg until the upper leg is basically parallel to the ground. Keep the foot relaxed with the toe pointing down. Keep the weight sinking into the left foot.

The arms continue to separate at the shoulder level. Both arms are moving from the center at the same time and with the same Peng energy.

Focus on the right arm for sticking and leading, the left arm for Duei La (balance of energy), and the target.





I kick the lower body of the opponent.

The right lower leg is snapped upward until it is basically straight. In the form, the lower leg is gently and slowly raised to that level. Keep some flex in the left leg. The kick is headed slightly to the right of north, but not all the way to the corner.

The two arms separate until they are outside the shoulders. The right palm faces forward. The saber is comfortably resting on the elbow.

Focus on the right toe for the kick and the two arms for balance.





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