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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 21 – Step To The Left And Change Saber Hand

This is a transitional movement. The next series will be done with the saber in the other hand. I will use my free right hand for some blocks and I’ll use the pommel end of the saber for some applications.


This is the end of this movement. My opponent and I both have moved the saber into our left hands.










Sink the weight into the right foot and step to the left side and slightly to the front with the left foot. The heel just touches down with the toe facing halfway between north and west. There are basically no arm movements yet.

Focus on the energy into the center.








Start to shift the weight onto the left foot while turning the torso to the left. At this point I’m about halfway there.

The arms start to move to the left. The left has separated from the right wrist and the right hand has rotated so the saber point is headed left. The saber blade is parallel to the ground.

Focus on the energy in the center.







The change is complete.

The weight is all on the left foot, and the torso faces the direction the knee and toe are headed (halfway between north and west).

The arms have swung over to the left side of the waist. The right hand passes the saber into the left hand. The left palm is up and the right hand is down. The saber is not easily seen by the opponent. Keep the saber parallel to the ground.

Focus on the energy in the center.







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