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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 18 – Golden Pheasant Strikes Forward

   This is another movement from the Long Form. In this case, the opponent pokes to my belly. I join, stick, and lead her in and to my left. I use a filing motion with my saber. I then poke towards her face.


1) Stephie pokes me in the belly. If I don’t neutralize this is what would happen.

2) Instead, I join with a filing motion, using a twisting energy with my saber.








1) I lead her in and to my left.

2) I poke her face.









I join and start to withdraw.

Start to shift the weight back onto the left foot and start to withdraw the right foot into empty stance on toe.

The saber starts to pull in toward the body and twist in a clockwise direction. This action is done by bending the elbow and twisting the wrist as the body withdraws. The left hand starts to move toward the center of the body.

Focus on the middle of the saber blade for joining.





The withdraw and neutralize is complete.

Shift the weight completely onto the left leg and pull in the right toe. Gather the chi into the left Kua. The right toe still faces slightly to the right of north. The torso has turned slightly to the left.

The saber has finished its movement towards the body and its twist. The pommel ends right in front of the belly button. The point faces the opponent (straight ahead).

The left hand has moved to the center. The palm faces the pommel. This gives stability and will aid in projecting the force with my poke.

Focus on joining with opponent’s saber (the center portion of the outside of the blade).

Note: At this point the cutting edge of the opponent’s saber has past me by on my left side.





I am starting to poke.

The energy that had been gathered in the left Kua is starting to be projected outward into the saber. The right knee is lifting.

The saber is starting to be thrust forward and twist as it moves forward. The right arm is straightening and the wrist is turning counterclockwise. The left hand is opening back to counterbalance the forward thrust of the saber.

Focus on the target (the face of the opponent).






The poke is complete.

The right knee is raised to hip level. Keep some flex in the left leg. This position can allow the body to lean slightly forward if need be to get the saber closer to the opponent.

The saber is thrust out. The twisting back to cutting edge down is complete. The tip faces slightly to the right of north. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed. There is a strong, straight line from the tip to the hand to the elbow to the shoulder. The left palm faces back.

Focus on the tip of the saber.





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