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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword



This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 16 – Press Saber Forward Diagonally

This is exactly the same movement as Movement # 13. The application is the same. The only difference is the direction. The opponent tries to poke my center. I neutralize this poke down and to the side, step in, and press with my saber.


Shift the weight straight back and withdraw the left foot into empty step on toe.

The saber rotates to face basically parallel to the ground, and as you withdraw, the saber presses slightly down and to your left. The left hand has attached to the saber blade about ¾ of the down toward the point to add stability.

Focus on the underneath portion of the blade.

Note: When joining and leading the opponent’s saber be careful to lead it slightly to your left so you can step in and also so the point will not be pointing directly toward your body.





Step forward with the left foot to face halfway between south and west. The torso also faces this direction.

Press outward with the saber. The blade is at a slight diagonal angle in front of the body. The arms are straight without locking the elbow joint.

Focus on the cutting edge of the saber.







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