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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 15 – Fair Lady Works At Shuttles

This movement is the same as Movement #12. I follow the previous movement with a poke. I am then threatened from the left side. As the opponent attempts a cut to my upper body, I step in and block, grab her saber hand, and cut her neck.


1) Following the previous movement, I poke towards the opponent to keep her away.

2) A second opponent threatens to cut my upper body from my left side.








1) As she cuts, I step to the side and block with my saber.

2) I step in and grab her saber hand.









I cut her neck using a downward chopping energy. The saber gains momentum by being swung around the body.









I poke the opponent.

Shift the weight straight back onto the left foot. Draw in the right foot into empty stance on toe.

As the body retreats the saber pokes straight forward with the point ending about neck level. The left hand stays up in about the same place it was at the end of the previous movement. It now gently touches the right forearm.

Focus on the point of the blade.





I side step toward the opponent and block.

Step across the front of the body with the right foot. The toe faces about halfway between north and west. Don’t put the weight onto the foot just yet. The torso still faces the same direction the right toe is headed. We want to keep the torque in the waist.

The saber is pressed across the body with the tip of the blade pointing down.  Remember, it is the handle that is raised and moved to the left. The left hand remains on the right forearm for support.

Focus on the side of the blade for blocking.

Note: This movement of the saber around the body is like using a whip. The center controls the swing by using a twisting and snapping energy.




I grab the opponent’s hand.

Step forward with the left foot touching down the heel. The toe faces halfway between south and west. Keep the torque in the waist. Sink deeper into the right Kua.

The right hand continues to circle behind the body. The left hand comes up with the palm facing outward, as if grabbing, on the left side of the head. Keep the elbows and shoulders relaxed.

Focus on the left hand for grabbing.






I cut the opponent’s neck or shoulder.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and turn the torso until the nose points to the knee. Everything faces halfway between south and west.

The saber cuts down and slightly to the left. The cutting edge ends on the right center side of you upper body. The left hand remains in about the same place. It is actually pulling in slightly towards the body to keep the opponent from escaping.

Focus on the cutting edge of the saber.





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