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Yang Style

Tai Chi Dao/Saber/Broadsword


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 14 – Turn Around And Cut Overhand To The Right

Basically the same movement as #11, only it is coming from a different direction. In this case, Stephie is using a backhand cut to my lower body. I turn, cut her wrist or lower arm, and follow with a palm strike.


1) Stephie threatens from the rear.

2) I turn and see she is going to cut my lower body.









1) I cut her arm.

2) I follow with a palm strike.









I turn to see what is behind me. I hide the saber at the same time.

Turning the torso to the right, pivot on the weighted left foot heel until the toe faces south. Leave the right foot where it is but take the weight off of it and just touch down the toe. At this point the torso faces south.

The saber stays pretty much in the same place, so as your torso turns, it gets hidden behind your body. The saber is parallel to the ground to make it harder for the opponent to see. The left hand moves with the torso and ends in front of the left shoulder.

Focus to the right at the opponent.





Seeing the opponent starting to attack, I start to cut her wrist.

Step out with the right foot, touching the heel. The toe faces slightly to the right of west. Be sure to step wide enough to the right so the foot can act as a brake for the incoming energy. Sink deeper into the left Kua.

The right hand starts to cut downward and slightly to the right. This cutting motion mostly happens by the elbow opening. It feels like the pommel is leading the movement and the blade follows. The left hand stays in the same relationship to the body.

Focus on the target (the opponent’s wrist).





The wrist is cut.

Shifting the weight onto the right foot and turning the torso to the right. The shift is not quite complete yet.

The saber is extended outward toward the opponent’s lower arm. The left hand is still in reserve.

Focus on the cut.






I follow with a palm strike.

Continue to shift the weight onto the right foot and turn the torso until the body faces the direction the toe is headed (slightly to the right of west). You should probably have to turn in the left toe as the energy gets projected from the left heel.

The saber is drawn in towards the right side of the hip. This drawing in is part of the slicing motion. At the same time, the left palm strikes outward toward the left center of the upper body. This is very much like Brush Knee and Twist Step.

Focus on the slice and the palm strike.





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