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Yang Style Tai Chi Special 34 Movement Short Form

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 31 – Shoot A Tiger With Bow

This is a movement that is a mystery to me. Almost every Yang style player calls this “Bend Bow and Shoot Tiger” and perform it differently then I do. My teacher, Master Choy, learned from his father, who learned from Yang Chen Fu. When learning, I assumed that all the movements were taught as passed down. This is one that I know is slightly different and I don’t know how or why. In any case, I like this movement and have chosen to keep it as taught to me.

The opponent strikes toward my head with his right fist. I join, stick, and lead it to the right and slightly upward. This is followed with a punch to the ribs.

Following the Horizontal kick, bring the right leg back in close to the body.

Focus on energy returning to the center.








John punches toward my head with his right fist. I join with my right wrist.

Step down with the right heel so the toe faces halfway between north and west. Sink deeply into the left Kua.

As you step, the right hand is brought up to the right side of the head, palm facing to the left. I am joining John’s right wrist with the outside of my wrist. It is a bit hard to see in the picture that my hand is inside John’s. I have neutralized his strike.

The left hand stays by the left side of the waist.

Focus on the right wrist for joining.




I punch John in the ribs.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and turn the torso until the toe, knee, and torso all face halfway between north and west.

The right hand makes a fist and turns fingers out. It ends up by the right temple.

The left hand makes a fist and moves with the torso to the right and extends outward. The knuckles face to the right.

Focus on the right fist to grab, and the left fist for striking the ribs.

Note: This is a very strong punch. My right hand joins, sticks and leads. Toward the end of the movement, the right hand makes a fist and rotates outward for a grab and pull. The pull combined with the force of the whole torso behind the punch, make an effective movement.





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