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Yang Style Tai Chi Special 34 Movement Short Form

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 29 – Retreat To Ride A Tiger

This movement is quite similar to Stork Spreads It’s Wings, only the arms are held wider and it uses a Retreat Step. The opponent attacks with her left arm. I neutralize it to my left and chop inward with my right hand.

Anna strikes with her left hand. I join and stick with my left wrist, closing her up.

Step back the right foot, and don’t add weight yet. Be sure to step wide enough to provide a solid base of support. The toe faces halfway between north and west.

The two fists open. The right palm rotates to face upward and moves down and to the right, as the foot steps back. It ends about hip level.

The left hand stays in the same relative position, only the palm rotates slightly outward.

Focus on the left wrist/palm for joining and sticking.




I lead Anna’s energy in and down, leading her out of her root. I attack her head with a right hand knife-edge strike.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and replace the left foot into Ding Bow On Toe. I could use this foot to block, kick, or step. The toe and torso face west.

As you shift, the left hand moves down, in, and to the left. The hand ends palm upward by the left side of the left hip.

The right hand circles up with the thumb edge leading and stops at head level on the right side. The hands positions are similar to Stork Spreads It’s Wings, only wider and the palms face a bit more outward.

Focus on the left palm for sticking and leading, and the right hand thumb edge for striking.





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