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Yang Style Tai Chi Special 34 Movement Short Form

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 26 (Part One) – Ward Off Left

I like this rather straightforward application. The opponent strikes with his right hand toward my center.  I slap the strike down, step past him, and return the strike with the back of my left forearm.

Following Fair Lady, Yoshi strikes my center with his right fist. I sink back and slap the strike down with my left hand.

Shift the weight back onto the left foot, pivoting out the right toe slightly to the right by turning the torso to the right.

The two hands drop down into center position. The right hand is in front of the right side of the shoulder. The left hand is in front of the lower belly.

Focus on the left palm for slapping down.

Note: I am retreating and turning the torso to the right to move with the punch. The left palm is actually leading Yoshi’s energy in and to the right.




I change hands on Yoshi’s arm and start to move into him.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and roll up onto the left toe. The body faces the direction the right toe is headed (half way between east and south).

The hands stay in center position.

Focus on the right palm for joining with Yoshi’s wrist.

Note: It is hard to see here, but as I move forward, I grab Yoshi’s wrist with my right hand and free up my left hand. The left then drops down to guard my lower body and threaten Yoshi.




I add a pull to upset Yoshi’s root and, at the same time, step behind him to seal his probable retreat.

Step forward with the left foot. The heel touches and the toe faces slightly to the left of east. Don’t add weight yet. The torso remains facing the direction of the right toe.

The hands remain in center position.

Focus on a slight pull with the right hand and correct placement of the left foot.




I counter-attack using Peng Jing.

Shift the weight onto the left foot, turning the torso to face the direction the left toe is facing. The knee just covers the toe. Do not lean.

The left arm expands outward and upward to end in the center of the chest, rounded, with the palm facing inward. The right hand has moved down to end by the right side of the hip.

Focus on the left forearm for issuing Peng Jing. Also the right palm for pulling on the opponent’s wrist.

Note: I continue a pull on Yoshi’s right wrist at the same time I expand up and out with my left forearm. The energy is directed deeper into Yoshi’s body. I am not throwing him away.





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