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Yang Style Tai Chi Special 34 Movement Short Form

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 23 – Fair Lady Works At Shuttles – Right

 Movement #68 – Fair Lady is a similar movement to the previous one in appearance, but has a different application. I am attacked from the rear with a downward blow. It could be a fist or other weapon. I turn and deflect the blow with the right forearm, then follow with a palm strike with my left hand.  In application, the turn would be a spin to the right on the left foot. In the form, we move forward and back in order to relax more and gain more exercise.

Yoshi attacks from the rear with his right arm. He could be holding a weapon.









I start to turn.

1) Shift the weight back onto the right foot and turn the torso to the right until the torso faces half way between east and south. The left toe is released so you can pivot on the heel and keep your left foot root as you turn.

The hands start to drop into center position. In application, you are actually doing Roll Back with will be illustrated when we study Movement # 70. You wouldn’t be able to see the application with my body blocking the hands in these pictures.

2) Continue to turn the torso to the right and continue to pivot on the left heel. Both the torso and left toe now face south. The hands have dropped into center position. Be careful not to lean to the right or lose the right foot root.

Focus on the two arms for Roll Back.




Continuing the turn.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and continue to turn the torso to the right. Release the right root by just touching the toe. The right toe turns with the body and now faces south. The torso now faces slightly to the right of south. The hands stay in center position.

Focus on the center.






I block the strike with my right forearm.

Continuing the turn to the right, step out the right foot with the heel touching and the toe facing slightly to the right of west. Keep the weight on the left foot, sinking deeper into the left Kua. The torso has turned to face halfway between south and west.

As you step out the right foot, the right arm is raised with the palm ending facing inward. The palm is overhead high and the elbow and shoulder are well relaxed. The left palm stays by the left side of the chest.

Focus on the right forearm for blocking.

Note: It is extremely important that the shape of the right arm be a soft curve. That way, when the force comes down, it will glace off to the right. If you put the arm up with the elbow bent at a right angle, the forearm will receive the force.




I strike back.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and turn the torso to the right until both face the same direction the right toe is headed – slightly to the right of west.

The left palm extends. Keep the elbow drooped. It moves to the left side of the center of the chest. The right hand turns palm outward and the elbow softens. The right palm is on the right side of the head.

Focus on the left palm for striking.

Note: When Yoshi’s downward blow glanced off my forearm, his energy carried him off center to his left. I just followed that movement and added a push with my left palm to throw him away.





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