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Yang Style Tai Chi Special 34 Movement Short Form

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 27 – Raise Hands

This is the first repeated movement so far that has been modified. It is slightly different then the previous Raise Hands, movement #8. The differences are sometimes subtle, as in this case, or quite different, as in some of the following movements. In traditional Yang Style, all repeated movements are the same. I have weighed the pros and cons of having all the movements the same, and decided that I have greater enjoyment with more applications to work on. I hope you will agree with me.

Partner attacks my center with her left fist. I neutralize the fist slightly to the right with my left palm, stick, and then apply Lieh Jing with my right palm to her elbow.

I don’t have a picture of Anna standing in front of me and starting her attack, so you will have to imagine it. She will be striking my center with her left fist. I am starting my retreat back into empty step.

Sink the weight into the right foot and Kua. The left foot is emptied and rolled up onto the toe so I can jump or step back with the left foot.

The two arms start to relax, as most of the energy moves back into the Dan Tien






I have withdrawn my body. At the same time, I have neutralized her attack and stuck with my left palm to her wrist.

Replace the left foot in the same place or slightly to the rear of where it was. Shift the weight onto the left foot and draw the right foot onto Ding Bow Toe. You could easily kick or block with the right foot. The body faces slightly to the right of north.

The left palm has circled up to end up with the palm facing right at the level of the center. The right arm is fairly relaxed with the palm facing inward at the shoulder level.

Focus the energy into the left palm for sticking. Don’t knock the opponents arm away by slapping at it with your left palm. That will only leave it free to do something else. Stick to it.




I close on Anna’s arm like a vise – both palms are pressing inward. It is easy to break or dislocate the elbow with this movement, so if practicing with a partner, be careful.

The right leg is lifted and replaced onto the heel as if kicking down (a possible action with this movement). Do not put any weight on the right heel.

The right palm fills and ends up on the right side of the center of the chest with the palm facing left. The left palm has filled more with energy to balance the energy that is coming in with the right palm. It feels like squeezing. The two hands are aligned so the fingers face the same direction, both facing the opponent.

Focus on the Lieh Jing (splitting energy) of the two palms. The body faces slightly to the right of north.





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