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Yang Style Tai Chi Special 34 Movement Short Form

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 16 – Fan Through The Back

Fan Through the Back is a classic example of splitting energy (Lieh Jing). The two arms open in opposite directions, like opening a fan. This movement also illustrates the idea that once a person has grabbed you, he or she is not inclined to let go, no matter what. Anna grabbed me, and I applied pull down in Needle at Sea Bottom. If that wasn’t effective, I come back up, lifting my right arm, which she is still holding. I then step in and deliver a palm strike to her ribs.

I come back up following Needle at Sea Bottom and Anna is still holding my wrist.

The torso straightens, and when the right hand is by the face, step forward with the left heel. Don’t put the weight onto the foot yet. The left toe faces west.

Following Needle, the right hand relaxes and the wrist is brought up to end up on the right side of the right temple. The left hand also relaxes and is brought up with the body until it ends up by the left side of the chest. It is there to guard.

This is a dangerous position since Anna is open to attack me at the moment. I am careful to stay on her right side, away from her left hand and left leg. Her right arm partially closes her up.   Focus on the right wrist for staying attached and the left foot for proper placement.




I attack opponent’s ribs with a left palm strike. The equal pulling of the right hand in the opposite direction enhances the effectiveness of this strike.

Shift the weight onto the left foot until the knee just covers the toe. The body remains turned slightly to the right.

The right hand turns palm facing outward and ends up by the right temple. Keep the elbow as relaxed as possible. Be sure not to have the hand in front of the eye, as that would block your vision. The left arm straightens, ending on the left center side of the chest. Keep the elbow drooped.

Focus on the left palm for the strike and the right palm for pulling. This is an example of securing the opponent’s body so the energy of the strike will penetrate.





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