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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Withdraw The Wrist

The opponent has come around to my right side and attempts to cut my wrist. I withdraw back into a safe position.


Starting to withdraw and turn to face the opponent.

The torso starts turning to the right. The right leg moves right in order to face the opponent. As the opponent moves around, it is important to move your body also, so as to not let the opponent get a flanking position on you. The right toe pulls into empty stance on toe.

The right hand starts to pull back towards the body and the saber cutting edge is twisting into a downward position.  The left hand starts to move to the front.

Focus on the opponent for correct alignment.





The wrist is withdrawn and I face the opponent.

The torso, right knee, and right toe all face halfway between north and east. I am in empty stance on toe.

The right hand has moved to the front of the right hip. The left hand moves to touch the right wrist. The point faces the opponent.

Focus on the saber point and sticking to the opponent’s saber.

Note: If you look at the application pictures, you will notice that, at this point, the two sabers are joined about mid-way down the blade. We are in a stand off with neither person having an advantage. The opponent’s blade is on the right side of mine. I stick.





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