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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Thrust To The Ribs

Having neutralized the opponent’s previous thrust to my belly, I now thrust to her ribs. This is a simple, straightforward movement. The only thing different about this thrust is that I step in and thrust around to the outer edge of the opponent’s ribs with the cutting edge pointing to the left.


Stepping in.

Step forward with the right foot. The toe faces north. Make sure not to narrow the stance. Don’t add weight yet.

The saber disengages from the partner’s saber and is in the process of thrusting forward. The right hand is moving closer to the right hip and the point is twisting in a clockwise direction in order to move to the right side of the partner. The feeling is that the saber is brought to the right hip, straightened so the cutting edge is down, and then thrust forward with a twisting motion arcing to the left and in.

Focus on the target.





The thrust is complete.

Shift the weight onto the right foot until the knee just covers the toe. The torso faces slightly to the left in order to provide additional length to the right arm.

The saber ends in the center of the body, rib height. The cutting edge is facing to the left. The arm is extended without being locked. Keep the shoulders and elbows relaxed. The left hand has moved to the rear on the left side with the palm facing back to provide a balance to the powerful thrust forward.

Focus on the saber tip.

Note: The saber blade is turned in this direction in order to poke between the ribs. If the saber had the cutting edge down, it wouldn’t make it between the ribs.





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