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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Retreat And Guard Left

The opponent sees an opening to the upper body, since I’ve lowered my saber to get it out of the way of the previous attack to my wrist. She steps in and attempts a slicing cut to my neck. I retreat and block with my saber guard.


I start to retreat.

Sink the weight deeper into the left Kua and roll up the right foot onto the toe. The torso is turning to the left.

The two hands (still joined) start to move up and to the left to bring the saber up. Keep the saber parallel to the ground with the tip pointing forward. As it comes up it is twisting. This is done by turning the right hand clockwise as it moves left and up. It feels like the arm is turning a crank in a clockwise direction. The saber actually stays in about the same plane as you move your body back. Don’t pull the saber in towards the body.

Focus on the opponent’s saber.





The retreat and guard is complete.

Place the right foot down to the rear as if you intended to step back. Don’t add weight yet. Be careful to step wide enough to the right to make a proper stance. You are now in Bow Stance. The torso faces the left knee.

The saber ends up in front of the body, just outside the left knee at neck level. The cutting edge is up and the blade is parallel to the ground. The left hand is on the right wrist to provide support for this block. If you study the application picture, you will see how the guard prevents the partner’s saber from slicing inward. Be careful to keep the saber well in front of the body. If the hands are close to the face, the partner could easily cut you with a flick motion.

Focus on the guard.




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