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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Final Part of Chop To The Neck

I always treat this movement as a separate movement even though it is considered part of Chop To The Neck. I call it Withdraw the Knife. As you can see in the application section, this has solid value by itself. In any case, following the attempt at chopping the opponent’s neck and her avoidance of it and attack to my wrist, I withdraw my saber. Even if she hadn’t attacked my wrist, just missing my target would cause me to withdraw into a safer place.


As soon as partner moves out of the way of the downward chop, I withdraw the knife.

I start to pull back into Empty Stance on Toe, the saber is being pulled back to my right side, and the left hand is coming inward.

My focus is on my saber hand.






The pull back is complete.

I am in Empty Stance on Toe. The body and toe face north.

The saber comes to rest slightly in front of the right hip, the right arm hanging almost straight down. The left hand has moved to the right wrist area and lightly touches.

My focus is basically in my center.






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