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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Slice The Knee

This is the final move for B side. After going for the neck and being blocked, B now goes to the lowest level and slices the knee. Following this movement, there is a transition where B changes into A and vice versa. I will teach that in the next lesson.


Stephanie starts to get back.

Sink the weight into the right Kua then replace the rear foot back a bit. The body opens to the left to make this easier.

The hands start in and down. They are going to be making a large, counterclockwise arc going from the neck, around and down to the knee.

Focus on getting back.

Note: If you look at the application pictures, you will notice that A and B’s sabers are crossed at the end of A’s block. B has to be very careful in going for the knee to avoid a cut from A’s saber as she makes her move. She must retreat first, then go low and stay back as far as she can.





Slicing the knee.

Here you can see how Stephie has her body lowered and her weight is centered or even more on the rear foot. The saber is aimed at the knee of A.

From the previous pictures, she just lowers her body and slices.

Focus on the cutting edge of the saber.

Note: As I said before, any of these movements can be a fake, especially this one. If Stephie fakes the previous neck cut, she goes low as A raises his saber to block.





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