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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Cut To The Neck

As A lowers his saber to avoid the wrist cut, B now goes to a higher level and cuts the neck.


Stephanie relaxes and sinks the weight deeper into the left Kua and rolls up onto the rear toe in preparation to step forward.










Stephie steps forward with the right heel, the toe faces slightly to the right of the beginning direction (north). Don’t shift the weight yet.

The saber starts to move forward and rotate so the cutting edge will end facing to the left. The left hand still touches the right wrist/forearm.

Focus on the target.






Stephanie cuts the neck.

Shift the weight forward until the knee just covers the toe. The body faces the same direction as the toe (slightly to the right of north).

The saber bade is extended forward and ends about neck level. The arms are fairly straight without being locked.

Focus on the cutting edge of the blade.

Note: This is a smooth, slicing cut. The blade makes a sliding motion in front of the body, moving slightly to the right as it cuts forward. The neck does not need a strong force to do damage.





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