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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Chop To The Wrist

This is the final part of a movement that started with Stephie blocking a belly poke by A, down and to her right. This was followed by a spiral movement in and to the left, and now finishes with a chop to A’s wrist. A’s wrist is exposed, as his arm was extended out during his attempted cut to B’s neck. This sequence is much more easily understood if done with a partner, so you can get a feel for first side stepping with the right foot, then swinging the left foot around to end up on the opponent’s right flank.


Stephanie steps ahead with her left foot and shifts the weight onto it. The right foot will pivot on the ball of the foot as you step in order to bring the rear foot in the proper relationship to the forward foot direction. The left toe faces slightly to the right of the starting direction. The stance should be a regular Bow stance. The torso faces the same direction as the toe.

As she shifts the weight from the rear (right) to the front (left) foot, the saber is chopped down to end slightly in front of the right side of the body. The cutting edge is slightly higher than the waist. The left hand has remained on the wrist/forearm area and can assist in the strong, chopping down motion.

Focus on the cutting edge.





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