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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Spiral To The Right

This, like the previous movement, is really part of one large movement. As steps (spirals) around A to get in position for the following wrist chop, A pokes to B’s neck. Here B blocks with her blade. This could also be an upper slice to A’s wrist as B spirals around.


Following Stephie’s cross step to avoid A’s poke in the previous movement, she now shifts the weight onto the right foot and rolls up onto her left toe. This is actually preparation for her stepping ahead with her right foot in the next movement.

The torso is turning to the right as she steps around A’s right side.

Stephie brings her saber up to block. The saber handle is loosely held with the right hand, mostly the thumb and index finger. The pummel is the part of the handle that leads the movement upward. It is tricky to describe. From the previous movement when the right arm is straight down by the right side, the right hand comes up by first twisting the wrist in a clockwise direction. Then bending at the elbow, the pommel rises. Try not to raise the shoulder. You want to end with the flat side of the blade guarding your neck/back with the point almost straight down.

The left hand moves over to attach to the right wrist/forearm to offer support.

Focus on the saber blade for blocking.





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