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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Side Step

This seems to be part of the next two movements, yet it is named by itself. A is thrusting to B’s ribs, and here B steps to the side to avoid the thrust and presses down A’s saber.


Here, Stephie is withdrawing since her thrust was neutralized by A. She shifts the weight back onto the left foot and relaxes.

Focus on energy in the center.









Side stepping and pressing down.

Stephie steps to the left side with her right foot, crossing in front of the left leg. She is still relating to the north direction, but her torso has turned a bit to the left. She is actually going to be stepping in and around A in the next couple of movements.

She presses down with the saber guard on the top of A’s blade. Look at the application pictures to get a good idea of what is happening. Notice that the cutting edge of B’s blade is facing to her right.

Focus on the guard area.





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