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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Thrust Knife

Following A’s block of B’s neck cut, Stephie now goes down a level and thrusts to the center. This is a tricky move when done with a partner. If you look at the application pictures, you will notice that A’s saber is pointing at Bwhen he brings it up to block the neck cut attempt. B must be careful, and stick with A’s saber until she gets clear by slightly stepping to her left and then in. In application she can also duck down when making this thrust. As I said before, the thrust is a powerful attack. The whole body gets behind the saber and pushes forward.


Stephie starts in.

1) Sink deeper into the left leg and roll up onto the right toe. The saber starts to drop down by B’s right side and it starts rotating to end with the cutting edge down.

2) Start to step forward with the right foot. The torso still faces north (the beginning direction).

The saber is now down by the side with the tip facing the partner. The left hand has moved to the left side of the chest, relaxed.

Focus on the opponent.





Stepping in and getting ready to thrust.

Step forward with the right foot, just touching down the heel. The toe faces north. Be sure to step far enough to the right to make a solid base of support for the powerful forward movement of the body.

The saber is at ready position with the left hand getting ready to counterbalance by moving back and left.

Focus on the target.





The thrust.

Shift the weight onto the right foot. Move forward until the knee just covers the toe. The torso turns a bit to the left to add greater distance to the thrust.

The saber is thrust outward. The tip is pointing to the opponent’s belly. Keep a bit of flex in the right elbow – don’t let it lock. The left palm presses outward and backward at about the same level to counterbalance the forward thrust.

Focus on the point.

Note: Remember this is not a poke to the surface or just below. This is a thrust right through the body.





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