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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement #6 – Rising Stick

The opponent is attacking my center. I quickly retreat and neutralize with my cane, drawing his cane away from his body.


In order to get back and out of the way of the opponent’s poke to my belly, I quickly step back.

Here, I lift the right foot off the ground, and sink the weight into the left Kua.

The tip of the cane starts to rise up. This is done mostly with the wrist and a bit of elbow.

Focus on sinking into the Kua.

Note: Practice jumping backward. Start with the weight on the left foot, and jump back, keeping the left foot in front. Notice how you need to sink into the left Kua, roll up the back foot, and spring back. landing on the right foot. It is a fun exercise to do this. Practice jumping forward, to each side, as well as back.





The right foot is placed down. The foot is at a 45 degree angle to the forward direction.

The tip of the cane continues to rise.

Focus on joining with the opponent’s stick.

Note: First, the right foot is replaced wherever it is comfortable. Replacing the foot means that I can jump back, sideways, forward, or stay in the same place. In forms, we roll up and replace to show this ability to move without really moving in any other direction.

Secondly, the rising stick has the feeling of joining, sticking and letting the opponent thrust forward further than he might want to go. That way, he opens himself up to counterattack.





Shift the weight back onto the right foot and pull in the left foot onto the empty toe. The torso has turned a bit to the right so the incoming poke will miss my center. The left toe still faces the starting direction.

The cane tip has come up to about shoulder level with the right hand down near the right Kua. The left palm is placed against the cane, a bit up from the center in order to provide support. Be sure to keep the fingers on the inside of the cane away from the opponent’s cane.

Focus on attaching to opponent’s cane.





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