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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 3 – Whirlwind

This movement is a quick block and return strike to the temple. It has a sort of spiral motion (whirlwind) as A sinks back, neutralizes to the side and flicks the tip back.


Sink the weight straight back into the left Kua and lift up the right toe. The torso turns a bit to the right.

The cane moves back and slightly to the right to neutralize the attack to the wrist. The left hand continues to touch the right forearm. Notice how the tip is facing a bit inward. This helps to keep B’s cane away from his wrist and also poses a threat to B.

Focus on the center of the cane to neutralize and stick.





Shift the weight back onto the right foot. The toe and torso face east.

The cane tip flicks back to end at temple level. Once again, be careful not to over-extend with the arms.

Focus on the tip.







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