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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 2 – Snapping the Branch

Here, A steps in and around B’s neutralization, and attacks the temple. A has to be very careful to keep B’s cane neutralized until he gets in enough to attack. Notice the angle of A’s cane as he steps in.


Shift the weight back a bit off the left foot, and pivot out the toe to face halfway between east and north.

The cane starts to circle around the head and block B’s possible attack. The elbow and shoulder are raised to bring the cane up while sticking to B’s cane. Be sure to keep the tip pointed down at about a 45 degree angle.

Focus on sticking to B’s cane and providing cover for the step in.






Shift the weight back onto the left foot that is now turned out. Be careful to have the knee go in the direction of the toe. Roll up onto the right toe.

The cane remains attached to B’s cane, so there is not much arm movement. Notice how the left fingers touch the right forearm to give support and keep them out of harm’s way.

Focus on sticking.






Step straight ahead (east) with the right foot, just touching down the heel. Keep the energy in the left Kua.

The cane now starts its attack, since A is now inside B’s defense. The cane has made a small circle around the head so the tip can gain momentum for the strike. This circle is done mostly with the right wrist. The left hand still touches the right forearm.

Focus on the target.





Shift the weight onto the right foot until the knee just touches the toe. The toe and torso face east.

The right arm flicks the cane tip forward to end at temple level. Keep the arms as relaxed as possible. It is the torso that really sends the energy down the cane to the tip. Practice snapping the cane tip by doing little twisting actions from the waist and keeping the arms as relaxed as possible until the moment of impact when the arms firm up to support the impact.

Focus on the cane tip.





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