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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form



This Lesson Contains: Side A

Movement #1 – Open the Door

Here we go. You have already seen the applications, so we will now break down the moves for learning the form. Play attention to the details and go slowly. After you have the movements memorized and are comfortable with them, you can start to increase the speed. Remember, this form should end up being performed quickly, smoothly and with a spirit of vitality.


Stand up straight with the feet under you, toes slightly pointing outward. The cane is held in the right hand. Notice how the hand wraps around the front of the cane, not on the top. Hold the cane firmly, but not tightly. The left arm hangs down easily at the side.

Focus on breathing into the Dantien (lower belly). Raise the chi by standing erect. Keep the teeth lightly pressed together.

For the sake of understanding the directions, let us assume that A starts out facing east.





Step ahead with the left foot, just touching down the toe. As you do, sink the weight into the right Kua (hip area).

The right elbow bends to bring up the cane tip. The left arm starts to energize.

Focus on the target (the belly).







Shift the weight onto the left foot. The toe faces east, as does the torso.

The right hand thrusts forward at belly level, and the cane is parallel to the ground. The left hand touches the right wrist.

Focus on the tip.







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