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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Applications from a Different Angle

This is presented in the same format as the last lesson, but the pictures are taken from a different angle to help you see things that might not have been visible from the previous angle. I hope this helps in your understanding of this fun form.

Special Note: Be advised. This is a long lesson, 12 pages, with 46 pictures. It will take some time to download. Please be patient.


1) Partners face each other.


2) A pokes B’s belly.








1) B steps back to deflect.


2) A protects her self while she steps in to attack.








1) A strikes to B’s temple.


2) B steps back to block.








1) B steps in while protecting upper body.


2) B strikes A’s wrist.








1) A sits back to avoid the strike.


2) A quickly strikes B’s temple.








1) B starts to duck.

2) B ducks to avoid the strike and protects his head with the cane.









1) B strikes A’s knee.

2) A steps back to avoid the strike and neutralizes B’s cane to her right.









1) B steps in and strikes A’s temple.

2) A steps back and blocks.









1) A steps in and protects her head.

2) A strikes B’s knee.









1) gets his leg out of the way and blocksA’s cane.


2) B quickly steps in and strikes A’s temple.







1) A sits back and neutralizes with her cane.


2) A follows with a poke to B’s center.








1) B sits back and neutralizes with his cane.


2) A steps in and protects her head with her cane.







1) A strikes B’s knee.


2) B gets his foot out of the way and uses his cane to knock A’s cane out of the way in the same direction it was headed.







1) B starts to spin around and by A.


2) B continues his spin.








1) B now strikes the back of A’s knee.


2) A gets her leg out of the way and blocks B’s strike.







1) A gets behind B and strikes the back of his knee.


2) B blocks.








1) B spins around to his right and protects his back.


2) B strikes A’s temple.








1) A steps back and blocks.


2) A drops her cane in order to knock B’scane out of the way.








1) A knocks B’s cane to her right.


A spins around and in and strikes the back of B’s knee.








1) B steps to his left to avoid the strike and blocks with his cane.


2) B steps in and strikes down on A’s neck.







1) protects her neck with her cane.


This is the end of the form. We will now move into the transition.


2) B (former A), does B movement # 3, Hit the Snake. She attacks A’s (former B) wrist.






1) If you want to end the form at this point, A just attaches to B’s strike to the wrist. Both are in a neutral position. I will show how to end the form when I break down the form in the next lesson section.


2) Continuing the transition, A sinks back and neutralizes B’s strike to the wrist. He is doing A move # 3, Whirlwind.





1) In order to get into the correct position to continue the form, A steps back with his left foot as he strikes B’s temple.


2) B ducks to avoid the strike and protects her head.


The form now continues as before.






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