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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Transition from Side B to Side A – Movement # 3 – Whirlwind

Here we see the transition from B to A. The new A side starts with Movement 3 # – Whirlwind done in a slightly different fashion to make the transition work. The only difference is B (now A) steps back with the left foot first as he neutralizes an attack to his head. He follows with a strike to B’s temple. The form is the same from this point on.


Following B’s last move, # 11 – Snake Bites the Neck, he steps back with the left foot. Sink deeper into the right Kua to gather energy for the coming attack. Be sure to step back wide enough to gain a solid base of support. The toe touches and the foot will end up at a 45-degree angle to the forward direction (now east). The torso turns a bit to the right to add torsion for the release.

The cane moves over to the right with the handle end a bit further out to the right in order to get his lower arm out of the way and to neutralize the strike to his wrist. The left hand touches the right forearm.

Focus on the cane a bit down from the tip.





The energy for the strike to B’s temple happens by releasing the torque from the right Kua and waist into the right arm. The left foot becomes solid for support. The cane tip ends about temple level with the cane at about a 45-degree angle with the shoulders and elbows relaxed. The body and right toe face east.

Focus on the cane tip.


A side continues with Movement # 4 – Ride the Wind.

Note: In the next section, we will go through the entire partner form. I remind you that the video available through the on-line store will make all the moves and transitions clear.




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