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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 9 – Snap the Branch

This movement is a quick spin around to the left to strike A’s head. This spin follows a previous spin in the opposite direction. When done quickly, it is effective and fun.


B is going to spin around to his left and swing the cane with a strong force to attack A’s head.

Empty the left foot, getting ready to replace it at a different angle. The torso is starting to turn to the left. At this point the torso is facing east.

The cane is going to come up and protect the body as it spins around. The handle starts up with the tip down. The left hand moves towards the right forearm.

Focus on the center turning.





Replace the left foot in front of and to the left side of the right foot. The toe faces east. This is basically a T-step. The right foot rolls up onto the toe. The torso continues to turn left.

The cane is brought up to cover the front of the body at this point. The arm is slightly higher than the head. The cane is actually starting to swing around the body and gain force.

Focus on turning.





Getting ready to strike.

Step around and back with the right foot. The toe faces about halfway between north and east. The torso continues to turn left. Sink the weight into the right Kua.

The cane is protecting the back since, at this time, B’s back is to the opponent. It is ready to finish the swinging strike.

Focus on protecting the back.





Striking the opponent’s head.

Step back with the left foot. The left toe faces halfway between west and north. The weight stays on the right leg, and the energy is released from the right Kua and leg. The torso ends facing north. The right toe pivots to face north. You should end in a proper Bow stance facing north.

The cane ends in front of the body with the tip at head level. The shoulders and elbows are relaxed. The left hand touches the right forearm.

Focus on the cane tip.





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