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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 8 – Tornado Raises Dust

This is the trickiest move for B. The opponent strikes towards his leg. He gets it out of the way, then spins in and around, finally striking the back of A’s knee. The direction shifts from the starting direction (west) to end up with the torso facing east and striking west. The most difficult part is getting the right leg up and out of the way as A strikes towards it.


Lift the right leg up until the upper leg is about parallel to the ground. The right hip opens to the right as you lift. You are getting the lower leg out of the way.

The cane starts to make a counterclockwise circle in front of the body to knock A’sattacking cane off to the right. This circle is done mostly by pivoting at the shoulder and raising the elbow. The left hand stays attached to the right forearm.

Focus on getting the leg out of the way.





This is the point where B is knocking A’scane to the right and starts to spin around to his right and in a bit.

Step down with the right foot and roll up onto the left toe. The right toe faces north or even a bit more to the right if possible. The torso is turning to the right.

The cane tip now faces down. It has knocked A’s cane sharply to the right.

Focus on the cane tip.





Continuing to spin in and around.

Continue to open the torso to the right. The left foot is placed perpendicular to the toes of the right foot, making a T step. This is clearer to see in the second picture. You must release the root of the right foot as you step with the left foot and pivot on the right toe. The first picture shows the torso turn a bit further along than the second picture. At this point the torso faces about halfway between north and east.

The cane comes along with the body, staying a bit behind. It is going to be whipped out soon.

Focus on the center turning.

Note: This stepping around is difficult to see in still pictures. Practice turning a tight circle around to the right by stepping and sort of swinging the stepping leg around to the right. Don’t forget that you are moving in and past a person. Look at the application pictures.





Getting set up for the strike.

Pivoting to the right, step out with the right foot, just touching down the heel. The toe faces about halfway between east and south. Don’t shift the weight yet as you want to keep the torque in the waist and Kua.

The cane starts to get whipped out once the heel touches. The energy is released mostly using the elbow. The left hand has separated and will be moving in the opposite direction as the cane to balance the strike.

Focus on the target.





The strike is complete.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and turn the torso until it faces about to the east. As you can more easily see in the second picture, the strike is basically behind the body to the right.

The cane is extended out and angled so that the tip is about at knee level. The left hand is pressing outward by the left side of the body.

Focus on the cane tip.

Note: I know this is a tricky movement. Study the application pictures and do purchase the video for the exact spacing between A and B. Also, when I am done with B side, we will go through the entire form so it will be easier to grasp.





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