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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 6 – Eagle Spreads Wings

Following the previous block, I step in and flick a quick attack to the opponent’s temple.


Put the right foot down, just touching the heel. Sink into the left Kua to gather the chi there. The foot faces west, or slightly to the right, depending upon the position of the opponent. The torso still faces to the left in order to keep the torsion in the waist for later release.

The cane starts to flick or snap upward. This is a clockwise arc done mostly with the elbow.

Focus on the opponent’s temple.





Shift the weight onto the right foot until the knee just covers the toe. You are extended but do not lean. The toe and torso face west or just slightly to the right.

The cane ends up in front of the right side of the body with the tip at temple level. It is well extended, but make sure to keep the shoulders and elbows relaxed. The left fingers touch the right forearm.

Focus on the cane tip.






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