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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 3 – Hit the Snake

After neutralizing two attacks, B now steps in and attacks A’s wrist. When stepping in, be sure to protect the body by providing a shield or roof with the cane.


In preparation for stepping, shift the weight onto the right foot and roll up onto the left toe.

The cane remains in contact with the opponent’s cane as the weight is shifted. The cane tilts down and away from the body, providing cover. This is accomplished by rotating the right arm upward in a counterclockwise direction. The left hand moves to touch the right forearm.

Focus on sticking to the opponent’s cane.





Step ahead with the left foot. The toe faces west. Keep some chi in the right Kua for later release.

Now that I am inside the defenses of the opponent, I start my attack. One still must be aware of the opponent’s cane even though most of the mind is on the attack. The hit toward the wrist is accomplished mostly by snapping the right wrist.

Focus on the opponent’s wrist.






The attack is complete. The weight is fully shifted onto the left foot. The toe and torso face west. My body is leaning just a bit to the left to give better position for the strike to the wrist. When working with a partner, you’ll see what I mean.

The cane tip ends about center level with the arms fairly well extended. Be sure to keep the shoulders relaxed.

Focus on the cane tip.






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