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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement 11 – Protect the Head from the Rain and Transition into Side B

This is the last movement of the A side. It is a rather simple movement of stepping to the side and bringing up the cane to protect the head and upper body from a strike down by B. There is a simple transition from A to B side. The only tricky thing is that the form then starts at movement #3, instead of #1. It is just how the form works the best as a round. You’ll get used to it if you practice with a partner, or even as a solo form.


This is the view from the front that usually is on the right side of the two pictures. It shows the first part of the transition into Protect the Head.

Shift the weight back onto the left foot and roll up onto the right toe.

The cane starts to come up by leading with the hand end. The wrist twists in a clockwise direction as the handle end is raised.

Focus on relaxing into the center.






1) This is the side view. The weight is on the left foot and the stance is empty step on toe. The cane is coming up to protect the head. Keep the right hand rather relaxed so the cane tip points down. The left hand is rising in order to get ready to support the right forearm. The body faces south.

Focus on relaxing.

2) Here the right foot steps out. The right toe faces halfway between south and west. I am looking in the opposite direction from the direction I started. I am getting out of the way to the left of the strike down by B. The left hand is close to the right forearm.

Focus on the opponent’s cane.





The block is complete. This is the official end of the A- side movements. The transition into will complete the form and make an ending even if there is not going to be another round.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and roll up onto the left toe. The body is headed south with the attention to the west (the opposite direction I started).

The cane now protects the head. The right hand is held slightly over the head with the cane diagonally pointing down along the line of the torso. Hold the cane firmly but not too tightly. The left hand supports the right forearm.

Focus on the block.





Transition into B-Side.

Following Protect the Head from the RainA now moves into B movement #3, Hit the Snake. So when practicing the form as a round, the person who starts out as A never gets to practice the first two movements of side B and vice versa for B. It is just the nature of the form.

Step ahead with the left foot to face west. This is the opposite direction that Astarted, but the direction that B started. Keep the energy in the right Kua until you are ready to release it.

The right arm starts to strike down toward the opponent’s wrist. The left hand touches the right forearm.

Focus on the opponent’s wrist.





B-side Movement # 3- Hit the Snake.

Shift the weight onto the left foot. The torso faces west.

The cane strikes downward toward the opponent’s wrist.

Focus on the cane tip.

NoteB now moves into #5, Dragon Attacks. He ducks etc. See the lessons that follow for B-side break down.

The form can be ended at this point. The two canes will be crossing in the front of the two bodies. The two players then return to beginning stance, facing each other, and return the cane to the right side, tip touching the ground.


The video is available at my online store. It clearly illustrates the moves and transitions.





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