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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 9 – Snake Attacks the Feet

This is a slightly tricky movement. I am going to step in and around to my left in order to get behind the opponent to attack the back of her knee. The foot step is slightly unusual, but not difficult. In this movement we also change direction to end up at a right angle to the starting direction.


At the start of this movement I am facing the starting direction. I intend to step in and around to the left, so first I sink the weight into the right Kua and roll up onto the left toe.

The right hand relaxes and the tip drops a bit. I am going to make a quick circle/snap motion with the right hand when I get behind the opponent. The left hand still touches the right forearm.

Focus on the relaxation into the center.





Step out with the left foot. The toe will face inward, halfway between the starting direction (east) and south. Don’t just fall onto the left foot. Keep the weight in the right Kua until you are ready.

The arms are still quite relaxed with the tip of the cane pointing down.

Focus on correct stepping.






Here we see the progress of stepping.

1) First shift the weight onto the left foot. Turn the torso to face halfway between east and south. Release the root of the right foot.

The cane now starts to attack by making a counterclockwise circle. This energy comes mostly from the wrist and elbow.

Focus on the target.

2) Step back with the left foot. The toe will face halfway between south and west. The torso now starts to flick the cane tip down and heads more to the south.

The tip continues its circle around and down.

Focus on the target.





The attack to the back of the knee is complete.

Root onto the left foot by turning in the toe to face south. The toe and torso face south.

The cane tip has finished its circle and ends up at knee level in front of the body. The right arm is straight without being locked. The left hand still touches the right forearm.

Focus on the tip.

Note: This movement is a jumping foot movement with a flick of the cane tip. You can practice hopping from right foot root onto the left foot then getting the right foot back out of the way. When perfected, it is a fun movement.





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