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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


Lesson 10:

This Lesson Contains:

Movement #7 – Piercing Stick

This movement quickly follows the previous neutralization. The opponent’s poke to the belly was lead to our right side which opened her center to a return poke. This is a strong thrusting poke to the center.


From the previous empty step on toe, step forward with the left foot, just touching down the heel. The toe faces the beginning direction. Keep the energy in the right Kua.

Not really any arm change. We are still joined to the opponent’s cane.

Focus on the attachment to the cane.






Shift the weight onto the left foot. The knee should just cover the toe. Torso faces beginning direction.

The arms extend outward directly in front of the center. The left hand still touches the right forearm. Keep the shoulders down and relaxed. Remember that the energy is coming form the right Kua.

Focus on the cane tip.






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